Nepal's Light

Nepal's Light was initiated with the aim to provide solar light and mobile phone charging station to earthquake victims in Nepal in the year 2015. Nepal was hard hit by the devastating earthquake and Engineer Madindra Aryal came up with an idea to locally produce solar light along with mobile phone chargers which will be able to give light to the victims during the night time and give chance to charge their mobile phones which will allow them to talk to their loved ones.

First Madindra Aryal decided to make five hundred units of solar lights locally with phone chargers and distributed those to very remote areas in the country where people where contactless and were living in the dark. Once the distribution of first five hundred units were over he again decided to make more as people were asking him to develop more as the demand of such product was immensely high. Thinking of those in need Madindra decided to reach out to even more people and other families in remote location. With that intention on his mind he went on to open up a campaign in Indiegogo which became a success with the help of almost 450 supporters from the campaign raising funds to help victims. Then another five hundered units were developed and he started to distribute those light from August 2017 and completed distribution in October 2017.

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